About Us


Uts Cold Chain New Office

Our company acting about industrial refrigeration systems,
services planning in accordiance with the customersʼ requests,
production, selling, installation, after sales services.
Uts Soğutma (Refrigeration) makes investment to Ar-Ge,
designs products which are technological and environmentally
innocuous substances, it produces energy efficiency oriented
products and solutions. Our company is open for improvement
and it has sustainable principles.
Our aim is to offer environmentally friendly products and
services, to give health and trust to all humanity.


Cold Chain Facility Areas
  • Planning and Commitment Services

  • Industrial Refrigeration Systems

  • Industrial Cold Storage Depots

  • Cold Storage Depots

  • Medicine Cold Storage Depots

  • Vegetable-Fruit Cold Storage Depots

  • Modular cold room

  • Container Cold Storage Depots

  • Quick Refrigeration Room

  • Shocking Rooms

  • Warm Conservation Depots

  • Frozen Conservation Depots

  • Chilling Room Pannel Systems

  • Chilling Room Door Systems

  • Cold Storage Depot Shelf Systems

  • Temperature Follow and Control System

  • Service Maintenance and Repair Services